Rev VR Podcast – 2017 End Of Year Episode


This is the long awaited Rev VR Podcast – 2017 End of Year Episode

I apologize for the delayed posting. The best laid plans of mice and podcasters often go awry.

As usual, I took some time to go back and listen to my previous years’ EOY episodes, so I can see what I predicted, how I spoke about the industry, and think about the evolution of immersive technologies.

I came to the conclusion that the idea of a “Year of VR” might need to be redefined, and that our expectations need to evolve.

2017 brought about many changes to the industry, including a huge push for AR, which I discuss at great length during this year’s EOY podcast. We also got Mixed Reality headsets from Microsoft, I changed jobs, and I made the bold choice to use an iPhone as my daily driver, despite my Android fanboy status.

All this and much more in this episode, so enjoy!