You can call him an Evangelist, an Enthusiast, a Futurist, a Developer, and an Influencer, and be correct on all accounts. For over three years, Rev. Kyle has been paving the way for the birth of Immersive Technology through his vibrant content, and social media presence. As host of the Rev VR Podcast, he has introduced numerous budding developers to the VR community. Interviewing movers and shakers in the VR space has given Rev. Kyle an insight into the early days and future plans for building the Metaverse.

Rev. Kyle has always had a passion for bleeding-edge technology. Tapping into his experience as a Professional Skills trainer, and Unity developer, he began hosting the Rev VR Podcast shortly after the end of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter in 2012. Since then, he has become an ever-present personality in the VR/AR community. He has been a speaker on numerous panels at conventions, expos, and meetups. He has lent his voice acting skills to the award winning VR game, Tactera. He has been on the Board of Governors for the Proto Awards for the last three years, and is the co-founder of the Seattle Virtual Reality Meetup.

In 2015, Rev. Kyle packed up his wife and children, and moved from Cincinnati, OH to Seattle, WA to pursue a career as a VR developer with Studio 216, an Immersive Technology company who specializes in Architecture & Real Estate visualization. Since then, he has been involved in producing numerous immersive experiences on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Hololens.


For more information, contact Rev. Kyle at [email protected].