You Must Choose, But Choose Wisely


What a wonderful dilemma to have.

star_trek_bridge_crewStar Trek: Bridge Crew is now available on three different VR platforms, all of which I own. I can purchase the game for the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, or the Playstation VR. What is a gamer to do?

I’ve played Star Trek: Bridge Crew multiple times at expos and conventions, and loved every mission. I am very excited that cross platform multiplayer is a thing, so I will be able to play with my friends, no matter which HMD they choose to use.

But which one do I choose?

Let me give you some factors that may impact my decision.

My PS4 Pro and PSVR headset are attached to my living room TV.

My children play with the PSVR way more than I do, so having the PSVR available in the living room makes perfectly good sense. They bring their friends over and everyone gets a chance to play. Despite the barely noticeable tracking inferiority, I also enjoy tossing on the PSVR for an occasional trip through a few titles.

My Rift & Vive are in my VR Dungeon

I have a decent sized room in the back of the house that nobody uses but me. I affectionately call it my ‘VR Dungeon’, and on hot summer days, it lives up to its name. This room has two gaming PCs, both of my PCVR headsets, and green-screen hanging around to eventually capture mixed reality video. The kids and wife leave that room alone, and as a result, rarely ever use the Rift or Vive unless I am showing off something specific.

Multi-Platform Licensing

I have had several conversations with gamers about this subject. Should software companies offer a license to their titles that will allow gamers to play on multiple devices? For example, could Ubisoft offer a version of Star Trek: Bridge Crew that would allow a gamer to play on the Rift, Vive, AND PSVR?

The argument against this is that most gamers don’t own multiple platforms. You usually choose one and stick with it. The other downside is sharing. I get my PS4 and XBox buddies to chip in, I keep the PC version, and they take theirs. Software companies lose out on sales. This is the way games have always been released. You want multiple platform versions? Buy each one individually.

My dilemma is somewhat unique. How many of you (non-devs) have more than one VR HMD? Not many, I would imagine.

Do I want my children to be able to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew, or do I want the peace and quiet of my VR Dungeon?

…or will Ubisoft just send me free codes for all of them, so I can share their amazing title as much as I can?