#ClickBaitShame Of The Week 10.21.2016


The purpose of this blog series is to call out media outlets, and their authors, who are intentionally writing ‘articles’ about VR & AR that are meant to do nothing more than increase their own hit counters. These people are, in my opinion, being irresponsible, and are preying on the fears of the uniformed populace for their own personal gains. These blog entries are meant to shame those who disrespect true journalism, and would probably steal candy from a baby, if it meant a few extra hits to their website.

Virtual Reality will succeed or fail on it’s own. We do NOT need the help of click hungry ‘journalists’ who would like nothing more than another tech failure to cash in on.

At the end of each week, I will scan the search results of ‘virtual reality’ in the News section of Google, and review articles with questionable titles. Being on this list is NOT something to be proud of.

If YOU have found an article that deserves it’s place among the ranks here, please Tweet them to @reverendkjr with the hashtag #ClickBaitShame

This week’s Entry:

Virtual Reality Is Just An Over-Priced Gimmick, Nothing More

The author of this article really doesn’t like VR, unless it it powered by a cell phone. In fact, I’m not sure exactly why he would even bother to write an article about such an appallingly terrible technology. Oh wait, that’s right… he did it for the clicks. Well, here’s a click or two for you, Erik Kain. Please explain why you think a lower framerate, less powerful processor, and smaller dev community will win out over what is currently available for the PC and console VR space. Several of the downfalls you mention in your article about nausea and lack of titles are even worse in the current mobile VR offerings. In terms of cost, just count the number of iPhones you see out there and realize that the average cost of one of those bad boys is over $600. People are willing to pay for a good experience, or even a bad one if the peer pressure is high enough.


You can only understand and appreciate virtual reality by experiencing it yourself.  

Do not let irresponsible media determine what YOU think about new technology.

Be smarter than that.