Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 142): Discussing VRLA & Mindshow With Cosmo Scharf


If you are active in the VR community, then you are probably already familiar with my guest in this episode, Cosmo Scharf.


Cosmo, along with some friends, started the VRLA Meetup group, which has flourished into one of the largest full size expos in the industry. Bringing together developers, hardware manufacturers, and content creators in the Los Angeles and Hollywood VR scene have been the driving forces behind Cosmo, and his team’s success.


Along with his work with VRLA, Cosmo and several others have embarked on a software startup called Mindshow, which is a platform for creating VR content using animation, motion capture, and most importantly, your imagination. Mindshow is a tool for content creators who want a great way to pump out amazing VR stories without having to be expert coders.

Visit the Mindshow website to sign up for their alpha, and to keep up to date on news and release dates.

There is still time to attend VRLA at the end of March 2017, so go to their website to buy tickets NOW.