Fat In VR – The VR Community Reacts


When I wrote my last blog post, the intention was to point out a missing feature in Facebook Spaces that MIGHT cause heartache for some folks. While customization of an avatar could potentially offer millions of possibilities, Facebook seems to have missed the somewhat obvious option to change the size and shape of your avatar’s body.

This follow up post is to share some of the reactions from the VR community. Some reactions were supportive of my view, some were offering excuses for the miss, and some were almost hurtful in their intention.

Here are some of my favorites from across the multitude of social media outlets.

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17And my personal favorite:



There were so many more responses, but I feel like these accurately represent most of the current feelings held about this topic.

My conclusion is that the VR community is very polarized on the importance of avatar likeness. Without standards, the necessity for more customization options increases. I’m also a bit disappointed in the people who felt it better that I conform to the standards of the avatar, instead of the opposite.

Come on VR community, we are better than that.