That Game Looks Great! When Can I Play?


I attended the Seattle VR Meetup last night, where I got together with local VR enthusiasts and developers for an evening of games, snacks, and conversation. It was a nice size crowd, with both new and old faces, and as usual, the conversations were thought provoking and topical.

A point of frustration was brought to my attention by a good friend, and fellow developer. Let’s call him ‘Ryan’.

‘Ryan’ wanted my opinion on a series of articles that have been popping up recently on a few of the major VR news channels, specifically about the upcoming title, ‘Star Trek Bridge Crew.’ I immediately knew what he was talking about since I am eagerly awaiting this game myself. I asked ‘Ryan’ about his concern.

‘They keep showing off gameplay and talking about it like the game is already out, but it’s not out yet! When do I get to play?’

This game, which doesn’t come out until the end of May, has been in the hands of certain news outlets for some time. Screenshots, play-throughs, and long descriptive articles are all over the Interwebs. If ‘Ryan’ is frustrated about this, does that mean others in the VR community share his feelings?

Here is the question:

Is it too much coverage? Do these write-ups and videos make you excited to play the game, or do they frustrate the hell out of you, like a bully teasing the weak kid at recess?

Trailers and write-ups have always been part of the gaming world. Without advertising new titles, gaming companies can run the risk of their gaming being a financial flop. In the VR gaming world, we have a significantly smaller audience. Are the VR game companies over compensating for the smaller audience by over-hyping their title?

This blog post is not an indictment on the news outlets or the game companies. It is meant to encourage a conversation about YOUR feelings on the expansive coverage.

Too much, or business as usual?

You, the VR community, should decide.