Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 135): The Rift Kids Return To Review PSVR


The Rift Kids are back, and in this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, they are doing a full review of the Sony Playstation PS4 Pro, and the PSVR headset. We also discuss VR titles, their favorites, and the games they struggle with. In this episode, we discuss their experiences with games like Windlands, Proton Pulse, Battle Zone, Job Simulator, and many other PSVR titles.


My children have been fortunate to be able to grow up in a house with a wide variety of virtual reality hardware. As the father of four wonderful daughters, I see how important it is to expose them to the wonders of technology and help them understand that the virtual world is theirs for the taking. I encourage them every day to explore and discover the endless possibilities that are available to them in the tech field. It’s this generation that will help VR survive and thrive in the future.

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