Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 138) Talk To The Game With Starship Commander



This episode of the Rev VR Podcast is about an exciting new game called ‘Starship Commander’ by the wonderful folks at Human Interact. Alexander Mejia, owner and lead developer on the project, tells us all about their vision for their new interactive experience that uses your voice as the input.

Starship Commander is a virtual reality title driven by human speech. The audience is given agency in the middle of a sci-fi story, as part of a military embroiled in a dark intergalactic war. You’re in command of a secretive mission, and your decisions have deadly consequences.

Starship Commander is powered by Custom Speech Service, a speech recognition solution by Microsoft Cognitive Services. Audiences are able to interact with the characters the same way they would in the real world: By using natural language to ask questions and express their thoughts.

For more information, visit Human-Interact.com or follow them on Twitter.