Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 141): A Conversation With Developers At A Seattle VR Mixer


Whenever I attend events such as the recent Seattle VR Mixer hosted by Pluto VR, I end up having amazing conversations with some of the smartest members of the VR community. It’s fun to dig deep into the past, present, and future of this industry with developers, CEOs, marketing geniuses, artists, and enthusiasts who all share a passion for what they do. On occasion, I grab a few of them, go off to a quiet area, and hit record, so I can share a small bit of the fun with you, my audience.

In this episode, I am joined by Morgan Sinko of Nullspace VR, Nima Zeighami of Electric Systems Consulting, and Jesse Comb of Nomadic Digital. We hit a wide range of topics, including Nullspace’s haptic suit Kickstarter, HTC’s Vive trackers, Hackathons, dropping out of college, and options for the official beer of the VR community.

Later, we are joined by Shawn Whiting of Pluto VR. Thanks to their wonderful team for hosting this event and making this podcast possible!

Thanks to Drew Stone for snapping a few pics of the conversation.

Everyone, go check out and back the Hardlight VR Suit by Nullspace VR!