Seattle Pub Supports Virtual Reality With A Sandwich


As a young man in Cincinnati, I was known to frequent certain establishments with my buddies. We were creatures of habit, and our weekends consisted of standard teenage debauchery, followed by a cool down period at one of our favorite restaurants. Nothing compares to the feeling of your favorite waiter asking, ‘The usual?’ as you pile into the extra large booth with your closest pals.

Years later and thousands of miles away, I found myself sitting in a recently opened restaurant, with a recently formed group of friends, thinking about old times. The Madrona Arms is walking distance from our office, on the corner of 34th & Union, which means it is a valued addition to our rotation of lunch choices. The menu offers standard pub fare, with a wide variety of spirits, and a ‘Cheers’ feeling. I immediately noticed that their Patty Melt is very close to the ‘usual’ that I would order at my favorite restaurant back home.

‘Can I get the Patty Melt, but with sourdough bread, and a side of Thousand Island dressing?’ was my request. I hated being the guy with special requests, but I couldn’t help taking a risk this time.

‘Certainly. Not a problem. Fries or Tater Tots with that?’

‘Tots, definitely.’

The sandwich was superb. Exactly as I wanted it. Eating it transported me through time and space to a feeling I hadn’t had in years. Over time, we became regulars, and the manager inquired as to our profession. I handed him a business card and jokingly encouraged him to name my special sandwich after me. A week later, I arrived at their door to see this:


He had done it. He named the sandwich after me. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe this is the first food named after a member of the VR community. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If you are in Seattle, take a quick trip over to the Madrona Arms, and order ‘The Rev’ and maybe a few beers. I guarantee it’ll be one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had.