#TBT – SVVR Expo 2014 UBERCast with Palmer Luckey



It feels like just yesterday, I was sitting in a quiet press room with my fellow VR podcasters, recording what would eventually be titled, “The SVVR 2014 UBERCast”. Just a few minutes before we started recording, I had humbly approached a young man, sitting alone at a table, eating cheese. I could tell he was exhausted from people continuously approaching him, pitching ideas and asking his opinion on all things VR. I invited him to join us for the podcast, and the rest… is history.

Palmer Luckey popped in shortly after we started, and filled the room with his commanding presence. Just days after the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook, we discussed everything from Hot Pockets to Street Sharks. It was a truly epic conversation, and will continue to be a VR community favorite.

With Palmer now gone from Oculus, it feels fitting to dig this up and post it again. For some, this will be new material. For others, it will be a trip down memory lane.

Either way, it needs to be remembered.