Too Many Lists


There are new lists popping up every day on social media that claim to present the ‘Top 10 Something’ in VR/AR/XR/MR.

Some of these lists feel random or arbitrary. Some lists are pulled purely from oddly measured statistics. Many are just consolidations of other lists, which muddies the water even further.

I’ve tried to come to terms with the existence of these lists. I understand that the intention is to praise folks who are doing a good job, but the usage of the word ‘Top’ or ‘Best’ indicates some form of ranking or measurement, which I feel no one person or group should be able to rule on.

I was challenged to make my own list by a friend, which I have chosen to accept.

As I attempted to create my list, I tried not to judge or rank anyone based on their merits, which made my initial list HUGE, and my second list empty.

How am I supposed to decide who to include or how to rank them if I am not fully aware of their intentions, thought processes, passion, or skills?

The only thing that I CAN measure is my own personal interactions with each person, and how much I enjoyed their company, conversation, and the knowledge about the industry that they demonstrated in my presence (pun intended).

So here it is, my list:

An Incomplete List of Women Reverend Kyle Has Enjoyed Interacting With At VR/AR/MR/XR Events

(In no particular order other than my ability to look up their info)

Dora Cheng @doracheng

No VR expo or convention is complete for me until I hang out with Dora. We have had so many great conversations about VR, the current industry, the past, our predictions, etc. I sometimes feel like I am on my own wavelength on certain topics, but Dora always seems to understand where I am coming from. She is also a lot of fun to hang out with at airports when flight get changed.

Ela Darling @eladarling

Ela has taught me so much over the last few years about how the real world functions. She is my favorite person to co-host my live streams at VR events because of her amazing intellect and witty personality. I am always excited to hear about her latest endeavours and I consider her a true pioneer in the VR space.

Jenn Duong @jenndefer

I guarantee any conversation you have with Jenn is going to be wonderful. Spirit and passion emminate from her when she talks about the VR industry. I see her name daily on my phone when I get notifications that she has posted in the Women in VR/AR Facebook group. I accidentally called her out for being underage at an event once, and felt horrible about it all night.

Malia Probst @TheMalia

I met Malia at a party for the first time, and she ‘fangirled’ (her word) all over the place. We became instant friends and I love hanging out with her. She’s become a powerful voice in the VR space, and I say ‘YES’ to everything she asks me. She has earned the title, ‘ My 2nd Favorite VR Podcaster’.

D Coetzee @dcoetzee

I didn’t know who D was when we first met at SVVR Expo 2014. I just know that someone was wandering around taking photos with a nice camera. Eventually, we connected, became friends, and I learned about the eVRydayVR YouTube channel. The amount of knowledge that she has recorded and shared with the VR community over the years has earned her a place at my table anytime she wants. D is a joy to be around.

Liv Erickson @misslivirose

Another personality in the VR space that constantly emits a positive vibe. I like to give her a hard time for not understanding certain 80s references (ask her about the Breakfast Club), and testing out 4D VR experiences together. She’s super smart, knows her stuff, and I love hanging out with her.

Annie Eaton @anniearete

I don’t remember the exact moment I met Annie, because I feel like she’s just always been there from the very beginning of the VR community. I have plenty of great memories of hanging and chatting with her, and she is doing some great stuff in Atlanta with her posse of amazing peeps.

Michelle Osorio @michellekenobi

I met Michelle at GDC one year while I was taking a break and having a cookie. We instantly hit it off and shared a few live streams. Michelle’s voice is heavenly, and I love to listen to her share her vast knowledge and passion for immersive technology.

Sophie Wright @SophieWright

Sophie entered my universe when she innocently invited me to her hotel room during a VR expo to show me her team’s latest project. I’m glad I took her up on the offer because she shared an amazing VR experience with me, and thus started our wonderful friendship. She’s brilliant, clever, and truly understands the VR space.

Sara Lisa Vogl @SaraLisaVogl

I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with Sara where she didn’t have a big bright smile on her face. The work she is doing in VR is unparalled, and she is a true asset to the community. I have a suspicion that she is secretely a unicorn trying to pass as a human.

And sooooo many more!

I KNOW I didn’t put everyone on this list that deserves to be included. I just ran out of time and stopped at 10. Basically, if you and I hung out at a VR event and had a good time, then you deserve recognition.


Kudos to all.



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